I am Robert Nickel
Software Engineer, Agile Advocate & Things Doer.

  • Age:27
  • Location:Constance, Germany
  • Occupation:Student of Software Engineering
    Master of Science


80% Java
70% Scala
30% Python
65% JavaScript
60% TypeScript
75% HTML & CSS
95% Agile Mindset
85% TDD & BDD
70% Architecture

My Services


I build your website, whether its a personal blog or your businesses online presence.

Online Shops

You want to sell your goods online? Lets kickstart together!

App Development

I make your product idea real, I cover everything from ideation to operation.

Agile Coaching

I join your team and help you adopting useful agile practices.

As a trained and experienced professional I will join your journey to the digital product you always dreamed of.

Lets get in touch and talk about your ideas, questions and wishes.

Contact Me