Building this page

Robert Nickel - October 08, 2020  🏷️  Projects

I’m building this page myself, this is not a wordpress template. I consider my self a minimalist, this regards belongings, wording and coding. Why do I need thousands of lines of php and javascript and a template, if all I would do with it is display some really simple text and images?

This text is a simple html paragraph in a div, styled with 3 lines of css. Its simple to maintain and read, and it loads and renders very fast. It is a good example for the difference between simple and easy. It might would’ve been easier to setup wordpress (or similar) and just use a template. But that wouldn’t be simplest possible solution, I would have to update wordpress on a regular basis, deal with licensing, support php etc. It is so much unneccesary complexity. This way I had to put some effort into it, but I could avoid complexity and gain simplicity, even though its (maybe) not the easiest way.

You can find the source code here. If you find typos, feel free to send a pull request. 😄