Behavior-Driven Development

TDD to BDD - Principles and Tools with an Impact on Business Value and Communications

Robert Nickel - December 05, 2020  🏷️  Agile | Projects

For the module “Agile Procedure Models” at my university, I write an essay about BDDs origin, principles, advantages, evaluation and how to approach it. Since we need to hand in a PDF version and a markdown version, I decided to go the extra mile and have a always up-to-date version of it hosted as Github Pages website here:,
so that I can receive early feedback from other readers and the professor. Please send me a mail ( if you have any feedback for me.

Update: The paper is done.. I think it is worth reading. Feedback is still valuable to me.

I then realised, that it is generic enough to use it for all future essays and thesis’, so I extracted a template repository which makes it really easy to get started with a new paper, export it as HTML and host it as Github Pages website with every commit and additionally export it as PDF using pandoc and the latex pdf engine with minimal effort. Find it on Github to experience the same ease.