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I am

Robert Nickel -- a (former) Software Engineer, Agile Advocate, Student of Computer Science (Software Engineering) & Things Doer.

You can contact me at


for freelance job offerings, questions, improvement or project ideas, general feedback, greetings, praise, critique, wishes, comments or anything else.

Skills & Experience:

Spring Boot
Angular & Typescript
HTML, CSS & JavaScript
Android App Dev
Agile Mindset
Software Craftsmanship
Scrum & Kanban
Software Quality & Testing
Distributed Systems Architecture
UX Design & UI Design

Since experiencing a whole lot of different tech-stacks I am increasingly technology agnostic. Even knowing a technology today does not mean one still knows it tomorrow. We all have to learn what we need all the time.

I see a lot of unneccessarily repeated mistakes (that originate from unproductive mindsets) in the process of software engineering and do address them with the same amount of work as coding itself. I believe in bottom-up change and the non-intuitiveness of agile software craftsmanship.