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Masters Degree

Im doing my masters degree right now

October 28, 2020

After finishing my bachelor of science in "Computitional Visualistics and Design" in 2016 I worked for well over four years as a Software Engineer at Daimler TSS GmbH in Ulm and Stuttgart. This month I started studying computer science with focus on software engineering at the HTWG Konstanz. So far, I really like it.


Building this page

Last update: October 08, 2020

I'm building this page myself, this is not a wordpress template. I consider my self a minimalist, this regards belongings, wording and coding. Why do I need thousands of lines of php and javascript and a template, if all I would do with it is display some really simple text and images?

This text is a simple html paragraph in a div, styled with 3 lines of css. Its simple to maintain and read, and it loads and renders very fast. It is a good example for the difference between simple and easy. It might would've been easier to setup wordpress (or similar) and just use a template. But that wouldn't be simplest possible solution, I would have to update wordpress on a regular basis, deal with licensing, support php etc. It is so much unneccesary complexity. This way I had to put some effort into it, but I could avoid complexity and gain simplicity, even though its (maybe) not the easiest way.

You can find the source code here. If you find typos, feel free to send a pull request. ๐Ÿ˜„

A Telegram Bot

I built a Telegram Bot for pupils/students schedule (MyScheduleRobot)

Last update: September 09, 2020

My younger brother tried to build a telegram bot, that gives him some information about his schedule, so he started, but stuck due to some infrastructure problems. I attempted to help him, and then basically took over the whole thing. I used claudia.js with its deployment and bot-builder features, and deployed it to AWS Lambda. Document based persistance happens using DynamoDB. You can test the bot here (imagine you are still at school): t.me/MyScheduleRobot Now some functional details: This bot is a schedule bot, it is not a calendar. To make the difference, and therefore what it does and what it doesn't, more clear:

Schedule Calendar
Days repeat every week Days are different every week
Timeslots repeat every day (๐Ÿ”” rings) Timeslots are vary a lot
Compare this with this

A short high-level summary is:

  1. Define all the subjects (plus room, teacher etc.) you have, the timeslots (that repeat every day) and your timezone
  2. Configure your schedule, that is e.g. which subject you have first on monday, which second etc.
  3. You get information for the whole week, just today, tomorrow or even now by chatting with the bot

Use /help to get the detailed and always up-to-date list of things the bot can do.

Lessons learned:

You can find the source code here.